• Justina M

3 Strategies to Implement Now

Covid-19 has affected our lives drastically and this is a long-term global change we need to prepare for with a new strategy, that can take us forward for a year or two. One of the realities we had to accept is that to build your business now, you'll probably need to do things you've never done before, pivot quickly and innovate. 1 - Be Visible Show up authentically for your customers and build your community. You need to stay visible right now, not disappear and come back once Covid-19 is over. During this time, people are sitting at home by themselves craving connection. There is a 77% increase in time spent on social media. This is your peak time to be there building key relationships with your audience. People are lacking personal connection so go ahead and post a video of yourself. People don’t like to build relationships with a logo. People buy from people. Video is the best performing content there is too. It has a reach 7 times that of the photo and 21 times that of a link. Video is dramatically outperforming other kinds of content. 2 - Audience Build your owned audience (email list), not an earned audience (following on social media) while they’re most engaged. Create a valuable freebie and set up a download page with an instant download of it with only first name & email entered needed. 3 - Proact Adapt your offers to what the market needs now. Now is the right time to sell. Make sure what you are selling is authentic and gives value to your customers. Pivot a lot toward new needs as they might present themselves in this fast-changing environment. Flip from a sales mindset to a service mindset. Ask your customers what they need, listen and co-create with your customers. Create content that helps, give an outline with value as a freebie and then create a low-price option to learn more.

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